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sitting photo of laura landers photographed by taylor mae


A Letter From The Founder:

After having witnessed how styling my client's wardrobes and red carpet appearances completely impacted their confidence, I started analyzing personal style. What drives it? How does society play a role in it? Is it affected by location? Social media? Career? While answering some of these questions are easy, some aren't.

Because of this, I knew I wanted to facilitate conscious thought behavior on a larger scale in the form of designing my own label. I noticed the majority of people (whether they want to admit it or not) feel a certain type of way when wearing a brand's label on their shirt, bag, shoes, etc. With this idea of classism, luxury, and status, what are we really trying to say? That we can afford it? That we want to be accepted? When does the decision to exchange clout for values start?

Engulf's pieces guide you to focus on congruence with your values while elevating your wardrobe. What are you trying to express to others within the language of style? That's the reason I started Engulf The Label. Emboldening you to understand your decisions, because
you are your own brand.

- Laura Landers